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Luther Interview with Glide Magazine

Luther sat down with Glide Magazine's Doug Collete combing over a range of topics including the making of his latest album Rock and Roll Blues, Southern Soul Assembly's impending fall tour, the relationship between visual and audio pairing, and much more. Read the Full Story Here

Rock 'n Roll Blues: PopMatters Review

"Featuring songs that date back twenty years, it would be easy to dismiss Luther Dickinson’s latest solo album, Rock ‘n Roll Blues, as a vanity project were it not for the refreshing honesty held in its ten songs. Hailing from venerable stock and a lauded musician in his own right, the cofounder of the North Mississippi Allstars recounts his musical journey from his teen years spent as a misplaced punk in Mississippi to the traveling life of a musician earning his chops in bar bands, life in a van, band battles and tacking flyers for unattended shows..." Read the Full Review

Innocent Words: RnRB Review

"Although Luther Dickinson has made his name playing some raging electric guitar with the North Mississippi All Stars he proclaims the acoustic guitar is where his heart lies. His new solo album ‘Rock ‘n Roll Blues’ finds Dickinson on the back porch with his guitar and a couple close friends, Amy LeVere on upright bass and Sharde Thomas on drums and fife, singing along and tossing around tunes of reflection and whimsy..." Read the Full Review

Rock 'n Roll Blues - KCRB's CD of the Week

"Luther Dickinson is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the boogie and blues rock innovators, North Mississippi Allstars and former lead guitarist for The Black Crowes. Essentially an autobiography set to music, Rock ‘n Roll Blues, a 10-track LP, traces Luther’s journey from excitable teen growing up in rural Mississippi to tour-van vet and showcases his acutely observant songwriting and superb guitar playing..." Read Full Article Here

Review: Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson ES-335

Son of Memphis music legend Jim Dickinson, Luther Dickinson has made it his mission to bring North Mississippi Hill Country blues into the 21st Century (see the January 2014 issue of GP). He keeps the music fresh by refusing to be a mere revivalist, instead adding influences from the Allmans to hip-hop, all without losing the music’s primal energy. Similarly, his signature ES-335 combines traditional dot-neck 335 looks with some personal preferences for a novel take on a classic American instrument... Read Full Review Here

Austin Chronicle: Southern Soul Assembly Storms In

The air outside rumbled, filled with varying sizes of hail. Inside, another storm seemed imminent. JJ Grey, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson, and Marc Broussard filled the Texas Union Ballroom Monday night and kept the assembled enthralled for more than two hours. Writers-in-the-round shows tend to bring out an artist’s muse... Read the Full Review Review of RnRB

Luther Dickinson, along with his younger brother Cody, founded the most enduringly successful musical act to come from Memphis in his generation. Obviously, the North Mississippi Allstars had a head start, as the children of music producer Jim Dickinson. Luther and Cody are second-generation musicians, who got a privileged introduction to American music... Read the Full Review Here Review of RnRB

Even though he’s got a handful of Grammys, here the North Mississippi All Stars frontman gets back to his roots (he played on The Replacements’ Pleased To Meet Me at age 14). Dickinson tells stories about seeing Black Flag via an acoustic punk autobiography, where folk and Americana meet gentle harmonies and first rate guitar playing... Read the Full Review Here Review of RnRB

Among the many hats he’s worn — singer, songwriter, band leader, producer, label owner — Luther Dickinson is first and foremost a guitarist. Whether playing with his own group, the North Mississippi Allstars, or serving as a hired gun with the Black Crowes, he’s earned a reputation as a master of the electric guitar. But it’s not something he takes home with him... Read the Full Review Here

Glide Magazine: Interview with Luther

Luther Dickinson is excited. It’s not the fact that, at the age of 41 the Mississippi guitar player has already built a towering musical legacy as a founding member of the North Mississippi Allstars, the band he has fronted with his younger brother Cody since the mid-90′s. Nor is it any of the many (and there are many) bands and projects he has been involved with, some of which include his work with artists like Beck, Robert Plant, and John Hiatt to name a few. At this very moment Luther Dickinson is excited about the recent release of Rock ‘n Roll Blues (New West), his second solo album and easily the most personal collection of songs he’s every released... Read the Interview Here

CMT Edge: Interview with Luther

Luther Dickinson has been a part of so many bands over the years, it would only be logical to assume he’s promoting some new group on the Southern Soul Assembly tour. In reality, the guitarist with a gift for playing from the gut is out there swapping songs with three other typically electrified bluesmen — J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard and Anders Osborne...Read the Full Interview Here

Preview: Southern Soul Assembly - 3/22 - Savannah, GA

There's never been a proponent of Mississippi hill country blues more creative and prodigious that guitarist Luther Dickinson, whose searing, gritty electric slide work helped to propel the gutbucket sound from juke joint trenches to the world stage... Read Full Preview March 22nd Southern Soul Assembly (Luther Dickinson, JJ Grey, Anders Osborne & Marc Broussard) Savannah Music Festival - Savannah, GA Ships of the Sea North Garden - 6:00 PM Sold out

'Americana Music Show' Review of "Rock 'n Roll Blues"

Luther Dickinson‘s solo effort, Rock ‘n Roll Blues, is much closer to the original blues of the 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s than the music from his main gig with the North Mississippi Allstars. For one thing it’s entirely acoustic. I remember reading an interview with him that he said he literally doesn’t have an amplifier in his house... Read the Full Review Here

'All Music' Review of "Rock 'n Roll Blues"

In 2012, Luther Dickinson released four albums; among them was the instrumental acoustic record Hambone's Meditations -- his first proper solo album apart from the North Mississippi All-Stars. It was nominated for a Grammy. Rock 'n Roll Blues is, in a way, an extension of that record. It's a collection of ten songs that Dickinson claims didn't fit on his other records... Read the Full Review Here

'American Songwriter' Review of "Rock 'n Roll Blues"

Unplugged shouldn’t always imply laid back as Black Crowes/North Mississippi Allstars’ guitarist Luther Dickinson proves on his third solo release. While the title may lead some to think this is more of the amped up boogie and Southern rock favored by his other bands, it lives up to its name with a stripped down combination of Amy LaVere’s stand-up bass, thudding drums (without the distraction of cymbals) from Sharde Thomas and Lightnin’ Malcolm along with Dickinson’s acoustic guitar... Read Full Review Here

Robert Fondue: Hangin' with Luther in Mississippi

Luther Dickinson is one the the true originals. Whether you know him from the Black Crowes, North Mississippi Allstars, Jim Dickinson & the Hardly Can Playboys, or his solo album's, you know he's one of the most talented musicians out there. We were beyond stoked to get to travel to the Zebra Ranch Electric Church and Fellowship Hall in Tate County, Mississippi to meet Luther and hear about his new album, 'Rock 'n' Roll Blues'...Read Full Story Here<

'Guitar' on Rock n' Roll Blues + SXSW Dates!

"Luther Dickinson's new solo album, Rock 'n Roll Blues, will be released March 18 on New West Records. Made with just acoustic guitar, vocals, stand up bass and drums, the album of self described "folk punk country blues" offers a side of Luther seldom seen before. From the propulsive beat and unbridled sound of opener "Vandalize" to the rambunctious acoustic strut and barbed chorus hook of "Bar Band,..." Read Full Story & View SXSW Dates Here

'Something Else!' Review of "Vandalize"

"You come in thinking he’s talking about getting so excited by the freedom of music that you want to break shit at all. You leave understanding that it’s a song about growing up, and the perspective that only time can give..." Read Full Review

Luther's Signature Gibson ES-335 - Editor's Pick Award!

Check out the feature on Luther Dickinson in the Jan. 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, available now at newsstands. We are also proud to announce that the Luther Dickinson Signature Gibson ES-335 has been chosen as an Editor's Pick Award! According to Michael Ross from Guitar Player, "The Luther Dickinson sounded like one of those special vintage instruments (admit it—they don’t all sound good): warm and woody, with plenty of acoustic resonance. According to Dickinson, Ry Cooder sings the praises of adding a Bigsby, claiming the more springs the more ring. True or not, this Memphis model was a tone machine, and no matter where my fingers touched down, every note rang out evenly. The P-90s offered plenty of punch, and more high end than many pickups of this ilk with nary a hint of harshness. Depending on amp and/or volume settings, the neck pickup served up jazzy clean tones or blues grind, and the guitar retaining plenty of clarity at high gain settings, and yielded controlled feedback on request."

Check out Luther in the video with his Luther Dickinson Signature Gibson ES-335.