Check out the feature on Luther Dickinson in the Jan. 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, available now at newsstands. We are also proud to announce that the Luther Dickinson Signature Gibson ES-335 has been chosen as an Editor's Pick Award! According to Michael Ross from Guitar Player, "The Luther Dickinson sounded like one of those special vintage instruments (admit it—they don’t all sound good): warm and woody, with plenty of acoustic resonance. According to Dickinson, Ry Cooder sings the praises of adding a Bigsby, claiming the more springs the more ring. True or not, this Memphis model was a tone machine, and no matter where my fingers touched down, every note rang out evenly. The P-90s offered plenty of punch, and more high end than many pickups of this ilk with nary a hint of harshness. Depending on amp and/or volume settings, the neck pickup served up jazzy clean tones or blues grind, and the guitar retaining plenty of clarity at high gain settings, and yielded controlled feedback on request."

Check out Luther in the video with his Luther Dickinson Signature Gibson ES-335.