Rock 'n Roll Blues, the new studio album from Luther Dickinson, is now available in stores and online. You can purchase the physical CD from Amazon and the digital CD from iTunes "Rock 'n Roll Blues is acoustic folk-punk -country blues with juke joint drums recorded live to eight track tape in a race against my 40th birthday," Dickinson said. "As brutally personal as the record is, I hope it communicates. The first song, "Vandalize," is over twenty years old, and I finished the last song, "Karmic Debt," the morning it was recorded- the whole record tells my story of a life in music."

"The musician jokes on RnR Blues are so true they're not funny. The aesthetic of the recording is as personal as the lyrics, 'dead strings and ribbon mics' with double drums using no cymbals, recorded tape to tape with no processing," he adds.

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The vinyl will be released on March 25 and is available for pre-order now from Amazon.